ElectrifAi's RevCaptureAi helps healthcare providers capture missed revenue, boost revenue cycle integrity, and improve compliance audits in 6-8 weeks. RevCaptureAi can be easily deployed on-premise or hosted as a service with support for leading EHR and EMR with no need for ongoing consulting costs.

Revenue Capture

Identifying, processing, and collecting healthcare service revenue is increasingly complex, with new clinical advancements and complex payer-provider contracts. The traditional rule-based Revenue Cycle Optimization (RCO) products cannot deal with the complexity of today's care pathways or payer-provider contracts. RevCaptureAi uses AI to find patterns to predict, identify missed revenue, and learn with user inputs continuously, eliminating the need to define rules.

Revanue capture image
Revenue excellence

Revenue Excellence

Healthy revenue is essential to ensure healthcare facilities' smooth functioning and operations. Unfortunately, coding errors, incomplete clinical documentation, coverage inaccuracies, administrative errors, claims denials, and other errors or procedural gaps result in missed revenue. RevCaptureAi can boost revenue integrity using machine learning by helping operationalize the revenue management process by reducing the gaps and errors so that more payments are captured the first time, every time.

Compliance Audit

RevCaptureAi improves compliance audit to evaluate the accuracy of operational, clinical, and documentation metrics, including coding. Identify process improvement/training opportunities to process claims correctly and completely the first time. RevCaptureAi includes support for additional service areas and users involved with clinical documentation and coding.

Compliance audit